Software and Systems Development Services

We specialise in real-time and embedded software development to meet the needs of Micro business and the Independent developer whilst supporting their growth into Small and Medium Size Enterprises. The experienced team bring the technical know-how an owner of Intellectual Property (IP) needs to realise a project and prepare it for market. We provide the development, you provide the idea. It's your idea, and we will provide the Creative Impulse to push it into reality.

Services are provided using established development facilities capable of integrating into your own company's processes, to provide a specialist focused and integrated solution that enhances your own organisation. Your IP is your property and always will be*; Creative Impulse recognise the need to help it get off the ground and are experienced in helping smaller businesses realise their aspirations.

About us

Established in 2005 by Rob Lowe (MIET) CEng, we are a specialist development services company based in the UK. The team at Creative Impulse is built around experience and time served. Every engineer in the company has at least 15 years of experience in their chosen field. We aim to be the expert resource, for the experts. We aim to be your preferred first call for special expertise and additional resource.

Embedded real time systems are universally recognised as difficult to develop. Many skills are required throughout the development cycle. The skill sets and capabilities are not in the experience range of many design groups. We will enable your company to confidently embark on embedded development. We are a technical development services company.

Creative Impulse provide a professional development service utilising our own established premises, infrastructure, development and test equipment in order to lessen the pressure on the client organisation at times of investigative research, high loading, or simply when the client does not have physical resources. We allow an IP owner to access their own virtual team of expert engineers, industry standard development facilities and rapid prototyping capabilities, with minimal capital outlay.

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Collaboration with your own virtual team

We include you in the development of your project. Remote does not need to mean detached, we are a phone call away and enthusiastic to include you in the team, sharing information and discussions.

  • It is your idea
  • Your IP will remain your IP*
  • We do not produce any products ourselves