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Embedded Software Development is challenging. Creative Impulse provide services for all embedded systems levels from low level embedded to high level scripting and systems work.


We have experience from many industries and are able to lend our perspective to your development requirements as your virtual team of experts. We work closely with carefully selected associates to provide experienced specialists and additional effort throughout the product development lifecycle. This includes hardware development and productisation/qualification.


We have experience providing support for any phase of your project development cycle. Contact us for more information on how we can help.

Product Lifecycle

  • Stakeholder review
  • Requirements engineering
  • System Architecture
  • Modelling
  • Proof of concept
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Standards review
  • Technology review
  • Design for test
  • Design for manufacture
  • ISO-12207 Software Lifecycle
  • Productionisation
  • Acceptance test
  • End-of-line test
  • Certification
  • Nationalisation
  • Field engineer support
  • Mid-life kick
  • End-life plan

Services available

Requirements capture

Systems architecture and product definition

Tool development

Test and qualification development

Automation and scripting

Rapid prototyping services utilising

  • SysML
  • National Instruments Labview
  • Matlab simulation
  • PC data simulation & library X-compile
  • Ashware eTPU simulation

Hardware and product development services

  • 'Bare Metal'
  • RTOS
  • Linux/UX
  • Rhapsody UML

Flexible development process

  • V-model or Agile
  • Customised and optimised to your requirements
  • Documentation and process support bespoke to your requirements, including ISO compliant.

Rapid prototyping

This allows our clients to explore concepts and scope their ideas before committing to production code or hardware. Developing embedded software is not a low cost undertaking, so prototyping early allows a developer to:

  • Learn lessons early in the process, when they are inexpensive
  • Lower investment risks and provide evidence earlier
  • Increase the accuracy of development estimates
  • Optimised embedded platform design for your project
  • Develop IP ahead of serious outlay and minimise system design constraints

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Independent advice

We can simply provide an experienced ear to offer independent experienced advice

Creative Impulse invested significantly in the ability to rapid prototype systems using National Instruments LabView, the industry leading generic control and measurement equipment supplier.